A tradition well-remembered

Al Samadi Sweets was originally established in Lebanon in 1872. Being famous for its delightful taste and freshness, Al Samadi Sweets not only became a household name in Lebanese and Arabic sweets, but also for its french cakes and pastries, coffee and ice creams.

Al Samadi Sweets have a unique blend of tradition and pure high quality ingredients. From its roots in Lebanon, Al Samadi Sweets today has its branches in Ukraine, UK and the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain). Al Samadi Sweets offer a wide range of traditional Lebanese and arabic sweets, cakes and pastries, coffee and juices.

Today, Al Samadi Sweets continues to delight its customers with its wonderful taste and freshness, which also makes it the preferred choice of the Royal Families in the UAE.